Korea’s No.1 Self-Heating Diet + Cellulite Therapy Patches with 8-week Proven Results!

Simply attach patches that are filled with natural ingredients and self-heats to crush cellulite, remove fat, and relieve pain & stress! That’s literally how the SL Light Belly & Multi Patches work!


With over 200,000 UNITS SOLD in under 3 MONTHS globally since its launch and the first batch sold in under 3 days of launch in your Cocomo, SL Light Diet + Cellulite Therapy patches are surely loved and craved!

With all the weight gain in our daily lives and with an appetite that cannot be maintained easily; when you actually want to diet, you can get bored or give up mid-way by being unmotivated. Relatable much?



SL Light Belly & Multi-patches here is pretty simple with its usage, formulation, and delivery of results. All you need to do is apply the patch for up to 8hrs, it is self-heating (up to 42 deg Celsius) and is made of safe-certified natural ingredients that induce a warming effect during which one might sweat and can be removed! Though the patches maintain a comfortable and constant heat, please note that the temperature and discharge may vary according to the individual and this does not defer the true effectiveness of the patch in anyway. Please continue to consistently use it!

While the multi-patches have 1 circular formula patch — are for areas like arms, things, calves, and neck, the Belly Patch has 2 circular patches attached to 1 larger patch — and is perfect for the entire abdomen or lower back! The patches are just 0.45mm thick and can be concealed under clothes, making it easy & comfy to be worn during daily activities; anywhere, anytime!

It’s especially loved for its multitude of benefits achieved in one shot!
- Crush your cellulite 🚫
- Burn your fat 🔥
- Detox your body of its toxins ☠️
- No more suffering from bloating or water retention 💦
- Achieve toned body physique 🤸🏻‍♂️
- Relieve your menstrual cramps 🙆🏻‍♀️
- Relax your sore muscles 🏃🏻
- Improve blood circulation by increasing micro blood flow 🩸
- Boost skin elasticity & reduce the appearance of stretch marks ⚡️
- Make your workout or fitness session double-effective 🏋🏻‍♀️
- Target specific body parts and benefit from focused results ♦️

The clinically proven results showed particularly  significant results in the 4th week and 8th week of consistent use and here are the results of 8 weeks of use:
📑 5% Cellulite Reduction
📑 7.35% Dermal/Subcutaneous Fat Layer Improvement
📑 6.70% Improvement in Skin Roughness

Here is what a random 230 users of SL Light Patches have to say about it:
✨91.7% felt that the skin texture improved after using the patch
✨90.7% saw that their cellulite was reduced after using the patch
✨91.7% saw their skin sagging disappear a little, after using the patch
✨91.7% felt that when they touched their treated skin, the round fat cells had disappeared ✨91.7% declared that they would repurchase SL light

Coming to the formulation, it’s hypoallergenic passing zero irritation test and here is the full ingredient list that might be curious to know:

Natural Capsaicin or Red Pepper extract is the key player in inducing the warming effect. Caffeine or coffee helps in exfoliation. Mineral Oil aids dry, rough, and/or sensitive skin. Cordyceps Sinensis extract is for pain relief. And it is important to mention that the Belly Patch has added Garcinia cambogia extract in it for effective fat loss.

And this is how you use the patches every 2-3 days:
👉🏼Tear open the individually packed patch sachet and take out the patch (can attach more than 1 patch at a time, for example, 1 belly and several more of multi according to concerns & needs)
👉🏼Remove transparent film one by one after placing the patch on the desired area
👉🏼Make sure to flatten the patch onto your body by removing unnecessary creases
👉🏼Leave it on for up to 8hrs (can go about daily activities or work or even sleep with the patch on) and remove it after
👉🏼Apply a soothing or hydrating gel after patch removal if needed


Whether you are already working out Or follow a simple daily fitness routine Or are worried about cellulite management Or have moms and dads who suffer from sore muscles & joints Take care of everything with SL Light Self-heating patches! This is really a thing, CocoFam 🙈💓✨