Are you breathing good?

We hear your mind voice saying “So long I am able to live when I breathe, isn’t that fine!?”

In case you are wondering since when breathing to live also got judged, we are here to speak of the “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!”.

Only this elephant in the room wins wars by just revealing its 32 tusks (no pun intended)

Aha! There you go with your “Big Yikes!!” Recoil or crawl under your table if you can, yet know this can come up as a bad odour anytime, anywhere and from anyone - ahem, that includes us!!

What if we let you with a little magic reveal of a good breath experience? To get a sense of how pleasant it can be and also hassle-free?

Tadaa.. we bring you the Good Breath Experience!! For the first time in a never-before form! Korea’s first mouth odour remover oral powder!! Shall we try it?

What’s it?



Good Breath is a non-alcoholic portable gargle powder to remove bad breath without water. Comes in cool mint /fruity grape /sweet strawberry flavours in boxes of 30 sticks each, which is extremely comfortable to carry around and use.

Free, free, free!

This product gives you the freedom from not just bad odours eliminating harmful bacteria but also from so many other harmful chemicals that run-on-the-mill gargling products use…

Alcohol-free, fluorine-free, paraben-free, chemical surfactant-free and colourant-free

Check-in friendly, the chill way!

Right from, “Damn… I forgot to buy the travel mouthwash variant” to all the way to, “Should I carry mouthwash on a plane? What amounts?”

We took all those annoying details away so you can chill… Easy-to-carry, travel-friendly sachets with cool mint, sweet grape and refreshing strawberry flavours!

No, the joke’s not on you! Not anymore!!

Between opting

  • living with that bad mouth odour after that brief nap
  • the crazy idea to request your flight attendant to open the window for you to spit out your mouthwash
  • waiting in a long queue at the toilet

We truly feel for you! and your dilemmas in normal yet unnerving moments.

That’s why we found this incredible product that is so friendly in all aspects.

From the soil to where your mouth is!!

All the natural produce, thanks to the good microbes in the rich soil, for your oral care, here’s a list of 9 ingredients that make up this goodness package

  1. Mint - A herb that helps to get rid of bad breath.
  2. Enzyme salts - Rich in minerals, it helps in oral hygiene and inflammation relief
  3. Quince - is medicinal, and has antibacterial properties against oral bacteria and lactic acid bacteria as a unique fragrance component.
  4. Propolis - is a dendritic substance made by bees collecting sap substances from plants and has antibacterial activity against oral halitosis bacteria.
  5. Green tea - The EGCG component of green tea helps to remove bad breath and prevent dental caries.
  6. Lemon - Flavonoids contained in lemon, a type of citrus fruit, have strong antioxidant effects.
  7. Xylitol - A sugar alcohol-based natural sweetener, it is now popular as a world-class oral hygiene ingredient.
  8. Balloon flower - 80% of antimicrobial activity in bronchial disease bacteria and has been used for food and medicine since ancient times.
  9. Arhat/Monk fruit - The sweet taste does not increase blood sugar and has the effect of suppressing bronchial inflammation.

At Cocomo, we curate interesting products from creative brands such as the Good Breath Research Labs! We welcome this partner to add to our glittering, shimmering and state-of-the-art skincare and hygiene arsenal.

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