Xiaxue X Yina

" I can’t stop raving about this JuliOly keratin hair treatment from @cocomo.65!! It’s honestly such a step up from my usual hair care 🥰😍 Keratin hair treatment is kinda like conditioner in the sense it smoothens your hair, but the difference is that our own hair is made up of Keratin, a type of protein. This means when using keratin treatments we are repairing our damaged hair follicles from within.

I use JuliOly after shampoo, and the silky smooth liquid makes my hair really smooth and tame in just 7 seconds, which is a feat considering how damaged my hair is!

Why I love it:
- Has an alluring peachy mango scent that lasts on my hair all day
- Changes from liquid ampoule to creamy texture upon massaging
- Has a steam pack effect that makes the active ingredients work faster and feels good on the scalp
- Does not make your hair look flat despite it being glossy
- Tames and nourishes frizzy / dry hair
- Best of all, it’s all done in 7 seconds! You don’t have to leave it on for long at all, which is perfect for busy or lazy people.

Loved it so much, I am gonna keep using it to improve my hair texture in the long run!! "

We did a live demo of JuliOly!

And we LOVE it 😍
“We did a live demo on how JuliOly Silk Keratin treatment works so you can see it for yourself. Love it!!” share Xiaxue  and Yina
CocoFam, those who missed tuning into the LIVE DEMO SESSION by these gorgeous ladies, please watch this video as they share their mutual love for JuliOly Silk Keratin 💛