Felicia & JuliOly

Fabulous Felicia falls in love with fruity JuliOly 🥭 Being a renowned model who indulges in quality beauty & personal care, this product deemed to be a game-changer for her!

She goes on to share, "Give your tresses complete care in one shot ☝🏼 with the JuliOly silk keratin repair treatment for scalp and hair🥭

I have tried more than a few hair care products over the years but this hair ampoule has got my recommendation! From hair fall and an itchy scalp to frizz, dryness, oiliness and lifeless strands; JuliOly Silk Keratin with real mango extracts helps manage, condition and protect the hair 😍

Did I tell you that it also multifunctions as a steaming hair care when applied? All under 7 secs!"

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