How Trial And Error Led Me To Discover The Perfect Skin Regime Thanks To Serendi

I have always been obsessed with looking the best I can so that I may have positive impressions on friends and colleagues that I interact with each day. The most important aspect of looking the best I can is taking care of my skin. This is why after years of trial and error I have carefully selected the products that I use to give my skin the freshness and shine that I deserve and it is all thanks to Serendi.


Step 1

My skin routine in the morning is based on protecting my skin from harmful UV rays of the Sun, pollutants and dirt. This is why I begin my day with Serendi Beauty Bubbletox Cleanser. Aloe Vera extracts resolve inflammation, redness and irritation caused by harmful solar rays. It also comprises Portulaca extract which is abundant in anti-allergic and antioxidants that rejuvenate the skin. Finally, for maximum moisturization and hydration of skin the product contains Allantoin which hydrates without irritation. But it also contains a natural moisturizer, snail mucous filtrate, which deeply nourishes your skin with the hydrating power of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and natural antibacterial. To complete the protection from additional damage by the environment, Bubbletox Cleanser contains Jojoba Seed Oil which has humectant properties that form a protective barrier around your skin. The result is a fresh layer of skin that glows in the light and shines in the dark without threat from damaging materials.


It is ideally suited for my sensitive and dry skin as using it has softened the texture and enhanced the appearance of my skin. Serendi Beauty Bubbletox Cleanser contains Jeju Oxygen Water, water from a volcanic Island in South Korea, which is rich in minerals that help reenergize my skin. It is also rich in oxygen that can permeate to the deepest layers of my skin forcing out the dirt so that I can wash it away. The result is brightening of my skin to an extent I had not experienced before.Serendi

Step 2

But my skin routine does not stop at cleansing. Once I am done washing off the cleanser I use Serendi’s Cloud Moisture Facial Toner that tones and moisturizes your skin with its dual action capacity. Generally toners are harsh on the skin but this one works for the most sensitive skins. Trust me because I have one.

Biotechnology ingredients make your skin plump and thicker, softer and stronger. The product contains the natural Epidermal Growth factor which is suited for all skin types. It enhances the regeneration cycles of cells therefore makes my skin healthy and plump. It also contains peptides that help make your skin plump. It also contains Fructan and Polyglutamic Acid (PGA). When combined together these ingredients enhance the water molecules your skins absorbs which helps remove wrinkles and lines. For the best result, the product contains Noni with analgesic properties that allow the skin to heal as other ingredients carry out their action.


Beyond Biotechnology, Serendis Cloud Moisture Facial Toner also contains herbal ingredients including Rheum Palmatum Root Extract and Skinpia 10, Quercus Mongolia Leaf Extract and Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract. These protect your skin from irritants, the sun, inflammation and microbes.

The combination of Serendi Beauty Bubbletox Cleanser and , Serendis Cloud Moisture Facial Toner allow my skin to be healthy and well protected. I use them once in the morning and once before I rest for the night.

Step 3

But the crown jewel of my skin regime is the Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack, which is designed as a home care system. The secret of this product is that it combines a sheet mask with a gel like formula which allows for the maximum benefit that diminishes most of the pores on my skin. Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack utilizes the Bohr Effect as the sheet mask contains citric acid and the gel contains carbon dioxide. This leads to flow of carbon dioxide and oxygen among the deepest cells in my epidermis which pushes the dirt and sebum to the face. Oxygen that is delivered to skin cells promotes production of collagen and elastin which helps to remove wrinkles and increases skin barriers that protect your skin. The gel also contains nutrients such as Lotus Extract which provides vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to the skin and controls sebum preventing pimples and oil production. It also contains oat extracts that increase skin elasticity, chamomile flower extracts which makes your skin brighter and a combination of aloe vera and portulaca extracts protect my sensitive skin since they are anti inflammatory.

I use Serendi Beauty Bubbletox Cleanser and , Serendis Cloud Moisture Facial Toner twice a day to power my skin through the week and then once a week on weekends, I treat my skin with Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack which completes my skin regime and prepares me for the coming week.