Anti Acne + Anti Aging + Pore Reset = Luvum Spa At-Home Mask Care

Having a spa day at home might not be your first thought or biggest priority at the moment, but don't you think it’s perfectly acceptable to seek comfort in the control of a beauty routine? There are real stress-relieving benefits in drawing a bath or lighting a candle—and that's certainly something we could all use, is it not?

This isn't to say you need to turn your bathroom into an elaborate wellness retreat, though. A spa day at home can be as simple as popping on a sheet mask! Plus, it's also a good time to think of easy, effective, hygienic & safe care at home rather than heading out every now and then.

“Me and you - for the lovely daily life of all of us”                            — that’s our Luvum for you!

From a beauty brand Luvum which specializes in skin care aiming for natural beauty through healthy and good ingredients, comes 3 exclusive masks focusing on different skincare concerns as a whole:

The Luvum Real Calming Pair Cica Gel Mask offers complete cooling care with a dual soothing system. This hydrogel mask is formulated with Centellasome and Coolleaf ingredients (including cica, mint, lemongrass, aloe, and eucalyptus) that improve skin damage by 58.9% in one week of its daily use!

The Cicadrogel sheet with low thermal conductivity is clinically tested to maintain a low temperature from the beginning to the end of care, so it not only warms the skin but also quickly soothes the sensitive skin with an immediate decrease in skin temperature by (-4.2 deg celsius). It’s also proven to improve redness (or a-value) by 65.8%, trans-epidermal water loss by 34.2%, and skin moisture content by 107.6%.

The Luvum Slow Aging Phyto Collagen Gel Mask offers complete anti-aging care boosting the skin’s radiance, and elasticity while deep moisturizing it. This hydrogel mask is formulated with phyto-collagen (or) collagen that is extracted from plants that have smaller molecular sizes allowing its active ingredients to be absorbed higher!

The hydrogel sheet is infused with protein components from walnuts, avocado peptide, and grapeseed oil for promoting collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis.

Clinical test results of this mask’s daily use result in skin elasticity improvement by 9.88%, skin wrinkles by 6.90%, skin gloss by 4.35%, and skin moisturizing index by 3.88%.

Experience clinically proven pore-tightening effects with just one use of the Luvum Pore Reset Mud Mask! This soft sheet mud mask enriched with 100% Natural Sea Silt from the West Seas is composed of 200,000ppm Kaolin clay and 34,000ppm Bentonite clay; specializing in the complete absorption and elimination of waste, sebum, blackheads, whiteheads, and dead skin cells. Gentle yet effective PHA melts dead skin and attracts moisture.

Clinically proven human application tests of 4 types of pore improvement, dead skin cell removal, increased skin transparency, and improved skin tone & texture with zero irritation as it has completed hypoallergenic test too.

In essence,

💚 CalmingPair Cica Gel — skin cooling, soothes irritation, removes acne & redness, adds gloss (DAILY MASK, wear 20 mins, 2-3 hrs or even overnight)

💗 Phytocollagen Hydrogel Mask — lifting, firming, skin radiance, increases moisture, smoothes texture (DAILY MASK, wear 20 mins, 2-3 hrs or even overnight)

💜 Pore Reset Mud Mask — pore tightening, skin lifting, deep exfoliating, skin brightening, blackheads - whiteheads - dead skin cells removal (2-3 TIMES A WEEK, wear about 20 mins or till dry)

Are you team 💚 or 💗 or 💜? Please grab and alternate between all of them 🥹🥰