Water Luminous Glow Routine

CocoFam, we just love routines. Don’t you?

Good skincare helps your skin stay in good condition. Good skincare products help your skin fight all the concerns that you are worried about. This is necessary especially as we and our skin are regularly attacked with external stimulants. A good skincare routine ensures that you know what to do and that you tick all the boxes. And we truly believe that a good skincare routine really helps you go the extra mile. Why so?

We are shedding skin cells on a regular basis, and when that's the case, isn't it important to ensure that your skin is in the best of conditions? If you have an effective skincare routine, you will ensure that you keep acne, wrinkles, dryness, etc at bay!

Moreover, as you age, your skin’s cells start to turn over more slowly - giving you a more dull and less radiant look. A good skincare routine will take away all those dead skin cells, and rejuvenate your skin!

You give your skin the best chance at looking healthy and glowing by adhering to a simple yet effective skincare routine. And we think that you need to have different skincare routines that you can fall back on, on different days.

Just for you, we are bringing a skincare routine that will give you bouncy, firm, and water-luminous skin! And this routine has only 3 steps!

STEP 01:

The Tirtir Collagen Core Glow Essence is a collagen replenishment spray that leaves your skin with a water glow! It is made with 84% Clean Alaskan water instead of water. This keeps your skin glowing and hydrated from within!

It contains 3 different core ingredients that support collagen while satisfying the moisture thirst of the skin, strengthening your skin barrier, and providing you with a water glow.

  • For the Core Strength of the skin Proteglycan, Elastin, and 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid hydrate the skin from within, and fill up all the gaps of the skin barrier, fortifying it, and ensuring that there is no water loss!
  • For a radiant glow Polysaccharides and Mineral Water improve the condition of the skin. They provide the skin with minerals and vitamins to make it healthy and radiant.
  • For nourishment The mist also contains 12 Vitamins and 17 Amino Acids that replenish your skin’s vitality and elasticity! It helps revive the skin that has become less firm due to exhaustion.

How do you use it?

  • Spray an appropriate amount on the entire face from a distance of 20cm
  • Tap lightly for absorption.
  • Can be used
    • In the essence step, toner step or mist step
    • Immediately after cleansing to boost hydration
    • After applying makeup to boost the glow
    • Before going to bed to nourish skin overnight

It recharges skin elasticity, provides vitality to tired skin with a full water-glow barrier, and quenches skin thirst by locking moisture!

STEP 02:

The Tirtir Collagen Core 3X Program

The Tirtir Collagen Core 3X Program is a Multi Solution Ampoule that contains 3 different types of Collagen! It contains 300mg of 100% pure Collagen Powder (333 Da), 3ml of Purple Collagen Boosting Oil, and 7ml of 5,00,000 ppm Triple Collagen Solution and has completed 36 Human Application Tests to help lift your skin up, and give you significant wrinkle improvement — around the eyes, the neck, the forehead, nasolabial folds, and the glabellar line!

It is famed for its rich ingredients and refreshing texture. It is a multi-tasking skincare superhero. It brightens, tightens, lifts, smoothens and removes any signs of aging.

The Ampoule is known for providing your skin with the best anti-aging care there is. It helps your skin build a strong and formidable multi-collagen pillar. This pillar is bound firmly with Elastin and Hyaluronic acid, such that none of your aging factors penetrate through! The Ampoule contains 4 peptides and 17 amino acids that stimulate your skin to synthesize more collagen, keeping the pillar strong, and your skin more elastic!

How do you use it?

  •  Fix the powder cap with the Ampoule container
  •  Press firmly on the cap to pop the powder
  •  Remove the powder cap and replace it with the ampoule cap
  •  Shake well to mix the contents
  •  Replace the Ampoule cap with the dropper to take an appropriate amount of the mixed ampoule and gently apply it over the skin
  •  Tap for rapid absorption and watch your skin’s water glow!

STEP 03:
Gou:e Ultra Fill-up Lifting Ampoule

Now that we have amped our skin up with the goodness of collagen, its now the time to strengthen and firm the skin even more. The Gou: E Ultra Fill-up Lifting Ampoule flawlessly works on your facial line with over 250% enforced strength than the original melting string! The fast-absorbing fine string enriched with Support Peptides and Matrixyl 3000 stimulates skin elasticity and firmness. It contains 8-Layer Hyaluronic Acid that hydrates and moisturizes the skin. You end up with a bright, smooth, and silky skin for hours and hours.

How to use?

  • Twist cap to ‘open’ and when Gou: E Ultra Fill-up Lifting Ampoule descends shake well to mix with the lifting string.
  • Replace the cap and wait for over 30 minutes for the string to completely dissolve.
  • Squeeze the rubber portion and apply generous amounts to your skin.
  • Store upside down with the mouth facing upwards.
  • Use every night for an extraordinary enhancement effect.

Our Takeaway

We love using these three products together as they really make a difference on your skin’s liveliness and firmness. Made with ingredients that work towards strengthening your skin, all these three products work in cohesion to firm up the skin, enhance the collagen and give you a water-luminous glow!