How to Find the Perfect Haircare Routine for You?

Finding a hair routine that works for you is like discovering a skin care routine that does wonders on your skin - once you find it, you rarely stray!

But the process and the multiple trial and errors it takes to get to the right one, is not something people enjoy. It starts to feel a little daunting, and you feel like giving up midway!

How exactly do you choose a routine?

Routines tend to depend upon a few factors -

Your hair texture and type

Your hair texture could be

  • Fine
  • Thick
  • Coarse

Whereas, your hair type could call into one of these

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Kinky or Coily hair

You need to see which combination of these your hair falls in and then take a informed decision about what routine you need to follow!

Do you have any specific areas of concern?

You might find your hair problematic in certain areas - it could be frizz, dry and itchy scalp, dry strands, graying hair, hair loss and so on! Once you have listed down all the concerns you want to tackle with the routine, you’ll quickly begin to understand which routine to go for!

How often do you need to wash your hair?

This depends mostly on how oily or greasy your hair gets as the days go on after your hair wash. Oily hair attracts dirts and pollution. This leads to clogged pores, and the development of dandruff, itchy scalp etc.

You can also adjust your routine based on how often you exercise, or if you work outdoors for long hours.

How to figure out your routine?

Step 1: Cleanse

Cleansing your hair will remove things like dead skin cells and product residue without  stripping the hair of its natural oils. Without a good wash, you will endup with unwanted oiliness because of sebum buildup. Even dead skin will remain piled up on your hair, and the renewal of your skin will not be as noticeable!

What do we recommend?

To Reduce Grey hair

The MBA Black Turn Hair Shampoo

The Derma Scalp Black Turn Hair Shampoo is as the name suggests - a great way to take care of your grey hair! It is made up of 50% herbal medicine extract that gives you a hypoallergenic cleansing! It contains 6-Solution and Greyverse in MoBalA’s golden ratio making for a great companion for your hair! It turns your hair into the same color as the hair you were born with!

It nourishes your hair and covers up any grey hairs that you are worried about! Not only do you get the benefit of shiny, gorgeous locks, you also get your scalp filed with nutrition!

  • It alleviates symptoms of hair loss
  • It removes dandruff
  • It calms down and nourishes your scalp
  • It clears out any dirt and debris on your scalp
  • It darkens grey hair
  • It exfoliates your scalp

When you are looking at a co-wash

For those of you not in the know, co-wash is the act of washing your hair to just remove the buildup and cleansing your hair without lathering.

The Black Hair Boosting Shampoo

The black hair-boosting shampoo is a co-wash product. This highly concentrated double-duty shampoo + conditioner wash heals your damaged scalp and strands with a silky soft finish you won't be shy to touch! In addition to touch, this hair-boosting shampoo promises shine, glossy finish and calm frizz!!

  • It refreshes and nourishes fine hairs, damaged and weakened hairs, fragile and greying hairs in one step without weighing down or drying out your hair and scalp
  • It gently conditions and cleanses your hair
  • It tenderly detangles your knots without stressing or irritating your scalp
  • It volumizes your hair.
  • It tames the frizzes, tangles, and flyaways
  • It makes your hair soft, and smooth

When you are looking at a wash+hair dye

For those who are looking to color their hair and dye their hair!

The Haaraz Dye + Ampoule Shampoo

Haaraz Dye + Ampoule Shampoo gives you the simplest and most convenient way of colouring your hair! The most hassle-free hair coloring experience ever! This shampoo-based hair color makes those greys disappear in just 5 minutes. You get clean and soft hair + all greys disappear + your hair is dyed to the colour you want. All in just one product!

It comes in 4 shades

  • Classic Wine Brown
  • Original Fine Black
  • Smoke Dark Brown
  • Blending Natural Brown


  • Colors hair
  • Nourishes hair
  • Strengthens hair roots
  • Improves hair health

Step 2: Condition = @Aishwarya Pai condition should be MBA ampoule? or literally speaking the mask?

This step is to nourish your hair and ensure that if your hair is stripped of its oils, you restore the moisture!

What do we recommend?

For soft and silky hair

The Avocamo+ Silk Essence

Elimère Avocamo+ Silk Hair Essence is a leave-in heat protectant for hair. It is a product that works to protect strands from damage when used before applying heat. It acts as a protective shield for your hair. It replenishes hair with sufficient protein to keep it healthy with the help of silk extracts.


  • Helps tame frizz
  • Conditions hair
  • Adds shine
  • Blocks out the troubles caused by environmental stressors

For some at home Keratin love

The Haaraz Silk Keratin 33 Ampoule

A haircare ampoule that is jam packed with protein. Containing egg youlk, egg white, lecithin and yolk extract - it cares for hair and scalp together. It contains collagen that provides intensive care to the hair cuticles. It makes the hair soft and healthy and conditions the hair!

The massage of the ampoule in your hair, changes from yellow ampoule into a white cream, and helps your hair get in all the nourishment it needs to strengthen the roots and alleviate hair loss!


  • Moisturizes and Conditions hair
  • Adds nutrition
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Improves your hair cuticles
  • Adds a gloss coating of hair
  • Strengthens your hair strangs
  • Makes your hair elastic
  • Helps maintain volume of hair

For scalp focused treatment

The Black Hair Tonic

The brilliant mix of ingredients in Black Hair Tonic gives your scalp the full healing and restorative treatment. Your hair feels protected and loved after using this product. It helps your scalp become a healthy bed that nurtures beautiful, voluminous and lustrous hair!


  • Heals damaged scalp tissue
  • Stimulates blood flow to scalp area- thereby increasing your hair volume
  • Protects hair from premature loss
  • Repairs damage on existing hair strands.

For soft and silky hair with grey haircare

The Black MBA Black Turn Ampoule

The MBA Derma Scalp Intensive Ampoule contains extracts that target the issues of hair fall and hair loss! These extracts are plant-based herbal compositions, extracted from plants like Licorice root, Panax Ginseng Root, Tea Tree, etc. Moreover, it has a triple massage ball that stimulates your scalp with local massages, and nourishes your cuticles to care for new and existing hair!


  • Alleviates hairball and hair loss symptoms
  • Darkens grey hair
  • Cools and nourishes your scalp
  • Increases hair growth

The MBA Derma Scalp Black Turn Treatment Tonic

The MBA MoBalA Derma Scalp Black Turn Hair Treatment Tonic is a godsend for all your hair concerns. It is rich in nourishing and moisturizing your hair - making your experience washing your hair a relaxing and happy one.


  • Alleviates hair loss and hair fall symptoms
  • Darkens gray hair
  • Protects and moisturizes hair
  • Powerful scalp nutrition

Step 3: Mask

On days that you have the time (and honestly, the energy) add a Mask to your routine. This gives your hair more hydration - it seals in moisture and makes your hair more soft and silky!

To repair damaged hair

Acocamo Intensive Repair Hair Mask

This is a high-grade spa treatment right from the comfort of your home! This intensive repair hair mask contains the goodness of avocado, olive oil, milk and honey to soften and condition the dry and damaged hair strands. They not only suppress hair damage but also form a protective film over your hair strands that results in an impeccable gloss! In addition, the extracts of Black Bean and Chlorella nourishes the hair follicles from within!


  • Softens and conditions your dry and damaged hair
  • Prevents hair damage
  • Nourishes your hair bys supplying protein
  • Strengthens your hair roots from within.

To alleviate hair loss and take care of grey hairs

The MBA Derma Scalp Hair Pack

This is a specialized hair and scalp care solution that provides nutrition to your hair while helping alleviate the symptoms of hair loss. It contains the extracts of the herb Houttuynia Cordata which is great at recovering damaged hair! It also contains plant-based extracts that help rejuvenate your hair. It contains extracts of Houttuynia cordata, Perilla frutescens, and Green Tea in a golden ratio so that the solution gives your hair effective and intensive care!


  • Alleviates hair loss symptoms
  • Volumizes and rejuvenates your hair
  • Provides intensive nutritional care
  • Gives strength and nutrition to your hair and scalp
  • Makes your hair smooth and shiny!

A few general tips for all hair types.

Oil Massage

Oiling your hair once a week provides it with nourishment and hydration. You can use essential oils to address certain specific concerns.

How to massage:

  • Warm an essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice
  • Gently massage it into your scalp for 5 minutes and leave it on for about an hour
  • Rinse off with shampoo and lukewarm water

Trim your hair

While there is not enough evidence that trimming your hair will make it grow faster, what we have come to discover is that trimming makes your hair appear healthier, softer and free of split ends!

Avoid regularly wearing tight hairstyles

Tying your hair up regularly, or indulging in tight hairstyles can cause breakage and even hair loss eventually. This is because your hair roots are constantly being pulled - eventually causing them to break.

Wear a Hat when you step out

The sun - which is known to damage your skin -can also dry and dehydrate your hair. Also, pollution and dirt can accumulate on your scalp -leading to continuous hair washes which is harmful in the long run.

Wash your hair with cool or lukewarm clean water

Hot water strips off your natural oils and moisture from the scalp. Moreover, unclean water tends to damage the hair even more!

We recommend that you add the AquaDuo Shower filter to prevent impurities from entering into your water! It has a patented double filter structure that blocks impurities. The primary impurity blocker is the sediment filter. It is made of polypropylene that removes not just rust, but also dust and sand! It is excellent at removing complex particles as well. It also has a head filter that further purifies the water!

Reduce your hair’s damage by reducing the time on hot curling irons

Hot treatments dries out your hair, and eventually causes breakage, loss of volume and hair thinning. Try out our LalaChuu Hair styling perfector to get those curls without damaging those beautiful hair strands of yours!

Try adding Hair Supplements to your diet! @Aishwarya Pai add the image, important & THE only hair supplement

Adding on supplements to help with your hair growth is another great way to keep your hair growing healthy and fine!

The MBA Black Bean Black Turn Globulus is a nourishing hair care supplement that gives a lot of protein, biotin, selenium etc to your hair! It relieves hair loss and renews your scalp health!


Hair health is important! See which haircare routine and products best suit your needs and then - religiously follow it. Change up your routine eerie now and then, if your hair’s requirements vary.