To get back your beautiful locks, we are bringing in BEST CARE from MBA! For best results, we recommend you to use the MBA Shampoo > MBA Mask > MBA Ampoule! The entire series is GREY HAIR CARE + ANTI HAIR LOSS = IN ONE 🖤


Step 1: MBA Shampoo can be used on a daily basis and the good news is, that you can skip conditioner when you use this shampoo! It is non-drying, made of hair-loving ingredients FREE of harsh chemicals, and double acts as your conditioner.

Step 2: MBA Hair Pack, provides intensive nourishment and locks in the moisture which is necessary for our hair that is exposed to heat and several other environmental aggressors. Do not forget our mental stress and tension from our daily lives! We recommend using a hair pack 2-4 times a week depending on the individual’s hair condition.

Step 3: For people who have prevalent hair loss or also those who are in their initial stages and want to curb it effectively and rapidly, we recommend using an MBA Ampoule for nurturing and recovering your scalp and hair health faster.